Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Zona Alantico

Today I have time to answer all of your questions.  I`m doing good though so don`t worry about me. This last week was absolutely NUTS.  Right now I`m in the area called Lomas Del Norte... in Zona 17. It`s a really small area and it`s like only residencial neighbors. It`s super different than anything I`ve ever had.  I`ve never worked in residencial areas before but the members are super great. It will just take some getting used to. My new companion is Elder Goodwin.  He`s from like the Ogden area and went to school at Freemont.  He`s super awesome! 

Wait, is residencial not a word in English?  Oh, no!  I don`t even know!  It’s like gated communities where you can`t knock on doors and everything.  Ohhhhh ya... Hahaha I forgot English. So sorry about that!  It’s a nicer area.  Most of the people have like way nice houses here and it`s like the first time in 2 years that I`ve seen people with iphones.

My cough is doing good. It`s still there a little bit but not as bad just a little annoying.  I took the antibiotic that I had for bronchitis too. I think it helped a ton!  I was so sick of the cough!  I couldn`t take it anymore.

This area is like neighbors with Zona 18 where I was just like a week ago. I could probably walk to my old area. I have to come back to Guatemala after the mission. I love this place and these people so much!

Hey but the bad news is that I`m gonna have to take off. We have a zone activity planned and we`re going to sixth avenue... I`ll send you guys pictures next week!

Love you all!
Elder Lott

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