Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lomas del Norte

How is everyone?  I’m doing good!! We just had a baptism and I have pictures!  This is my new companion, Elder Goodwin, and Max who was baptized this week in Lomas del Norte.  My new companion is super good.  We get along really well.

Our apartment is the best apartment I´ve ever had in the mission.  I have to get pictures! We have like a couch in our house, hot water, a full on kitchen with a stove and everything.  It´s fantastic!  I told Elder Goodwin... Yikes! You got really spoiled in the beginning of your mission. You have got quite the surprise coming in the future of your mission hahaha!

I was not affected by transfers this week.  I will definitely be finishing my mission in this area... I´m alright with it though. It´s a good area and the members are super great. I will stay with Elder Goodwin one more transfer and then get a new companion to finish the mission... YIKES!!

I need to run...We are heading over to Metronorte today.  All is well in Guatemala.
Elder Lott

My lesson on Sunday is about relying on the Savior’s grace to become a better teacher.  I asked him if he had any experiences where he felt words had been put in his mouth at just the moment he needed them and this was his response:

Definitely.... At the beginning of the mission it happened ALL the time. I would be thinking and thinking and thinking of what I was going to say and how I was going to respond and then when it was my turn I would start talking and I would say things that I hadn´t even thought of or planned on saying and when I would finish I would be like what just happened?! I have to rely on the Lord ALWAYS though in every situation....

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