Thursday, March 2, 2017

My View of Guatemala

I took lots of pictures so you could enjoy the fishing trip too.  It wasn't quite the fishing trip we were hoping for but it was pretty fun.  They fish a little different here. He just used a net and threw it in the water.

This green square pond is their idea of a swimming pool.... they invited us but unfortunately we can't.

I don't know how to explain what the fish tasted like but it seemed to stick in my throat and I didn't like it.... the fish is called Tilapia or something like that.

I STILL have this horrible cough. I've been trying to drink lots of orange juice and other concoctions that the members are giving to me.  Nothing seems to be working!  I am able to sleep though, really well actually.  Once I get all in bed and ready I don't seem to cough.... only during the day while I'm running around.
Hey we had stake conference this week and guess who came???  Elder Ochoa!  He is a member of our Area Presidency.  He talked to us on Saturday and on Sunday and the first day everyone kind of talked to the families and having like family councils and how important those things are for the family to solve problems and make big decisions.  Then on Sunday everyone talked about how we need to be examples to everyone not only just the investigators and nonmembers but the members as well. It was a great conference! All the elders were there from the zone and it was lots of fun.  It was super great. We were able to bring investigators too and everyone seemed to be spiritually uplifted.
Yes!  It’s hot here right now...the weather is usually like 80 degrees always.  Some days it rains though and gets pretty cold.  The weather is kind of all over the place right now...
Hey, but we gotta jet! I guess we're gonna go clean the house and everything before we head off to a family home evening.
I love you guys!!!!!
Elder Lott

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