Thursday, April 27, 2017

40 Day Fast

How is everyone?  I'm doing great! My week has been good! Nothing too crazy, a pretty normal week with lots of work! We have been focusing more on recent converts and less actives right now and in strengthening their testimonies so they can be firm in the gospel.  By doing so we usually find family members or friends there in their houses that are interested in the gospel which is super fun.

It’s like home teaching but home teaching here isn`t a big thing. They`re trying to get the members to do it and encourage them and everything but it`s kind of hard to get the members to go out and do visits.  Let’s just say I have a new appreciation for home teaching!  You really don`t even have to do very much. More than anything it`s just the sacrifice in time.

Our mission is doing a 40 day fast.  We have done these before and it`s a pretty cool experience. You should try it!  What we do is we have a fast for certain things we would like to change or improve on and then we focus on those things for the next 40 days to try to improve or get rid of bad habits or anything like that!  For example, if a missionary struggles with bad words, he`ll focus on that for 40 days! I’m fasting to improve my ability to respond to promptings the first time and not wait for the second prompting.

My companion and I are doing great! I`m really hoping and praying I get to stay with him my last transfer.  Next Sunday we`ll have the transfer assignments.  We are six days away from finding out about transfers.  Then April is over and we start May.  This will be my last transfer. I can`t even believe it!

I bought a quadruple in Spanish. It is so cool!  I only read in Spanish now.  I just read in English when I read letters. I don’t have to study Spanish anymore. It just comes naturally. I feel like I’ve worked hard though to get my Spanish to where it`s at and I’m proud of what I`ve been able to learn. I will probably have a little bit of an accent honestly but we`ll see.  I think you’ll all still be able to understand me.  I’ll definitely be able to help Riley with his Spanish class hahaha!  I’m pretty sure I can still speak English.  There may be a few Spanish words mixed in there.

My heart doesn`t know where it`s at. It`s so excited to see you guys and finally be reunited but it also doesn`t want to leave behind everything that it has come to absolutely love here.  I think I’ll just have to come back to Guatemala soon!

But hey, I gotta jet.  I love you guys more than you can imagine. We have plans today to go to Walmart and Metronorte to eat lunch. It should be pretty fun I guess! I think we`ll meet up with a couple of missionaries over there like Elder Goodwin and stuff so that`s cool!

Until next week…LOVE,
Elder Lott

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