Thursday, March 3, 2016

A View of Alameda

The work is going great. We just work and work and work and we are definitely seeing the fruits of our labor which is so fun to see. We have several investigators that are progressing. One is a younger girl, she´s 18 years old and has a boyfriend who returned from a mission a little while ago but is kind of inactive.... He supports her though and that helps us. She is super excited about the baptism and has a strong testimony so we are just helping her little by little. Another investigator is 19 years old and she has a boyfriend too but they are not married. That´s our biggest struggle with her. She has also been pregnant for like 7 months so we´re working on the marriage with them! Our third investigator is like 46 but he has had a rough time lately. He was into a lot of drugs and alcohol in his life and it has definitely destroyed his health. He has diabetes and he has to connect himself to a machine to take liquids out of his body.  It´s called like dialysis or something like that.  He is humble though and has been really receptive and open to the gospel which is helpful. He always jokes and tells us that if he makes it to his baptism date,  he´ll be baptized; but if not, he´ll be dead haha! No worries though, I know he will make it ;) 

Transfers didn´t happen because they made a change in the rules of the CCM where the Latinos are going to stay 3 weeks instead of only 2 so this transfer is going to be one extra week to be able to accommodate the change in rules... Next week!

I haven´t ridden in a car for quite some time... In Zacapa sometimes the bishop would take us around in his car but not too much and here in Alameda I haven´t ridden anything but a bus hahaha! The buses are always jam packed too and I´m always worrying about my wallet being stolen haha! 

P-Days are great. We get all ready and come and write you guys and then we usually go and play soccer for a few hours and then eat lunch. After that we go grocery shopping and then we have like 2 hours to just do whatever... Sleep, play more soccer... Hang out with the district... Whatever it might be. We only get to go to the temple every other transfer though which is like every 3 months about. It´s alright though... It beats never being able to go hahaha!

No, Mom…there is not a Walmart here for me to just run over and pick up a blanket. We shop at a department store called the Maxi Dispensa..... It´s the Spanish version of like a Walmart... It´s not nearly the same but it has the necessities and that´s all that matters haha! There is a WalMart in Guatemala City but it´s outside our area so we can´t go.... Maybe in the future haha!

I´ll try and grab some pictures of the apartment... it´s a lot bigger and cleaner than the other so that´s good. My companion is good about cleaning and keeping it clean so that helps a ton.

Until next week…
Elder Lott

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