Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ping Pong is back!

I love Mondays!!!  I love getting to write you guys, it just gives me that boost for the week :)  Sounds like the weather is changing in Utah!  It`s pretty normal here all the time... hot in the day a little bit chillier in the night; but we`re moving into the summer months so apparently it`s supposed to be hot all day... Yikes... Nothing compared to Zacapa though haha!

We have a ping pong table in our church and one of the elders has paddles and ping pong balls so we`ve been enjoying that on our pdays! We also play soccer a lot too so that`s my exercise for the week.... I wish I had a little more time to exercise throughout the week.

I am always looking for better foods but they eat a lot of rice and tortillas and I don`t have a ton of options haha! I`m doing good though!  I`m loving the missionaries in the zone here.  They`re all so fun and it`s awesome. There`s a newbie that just got in and it`s so fun to see him and remember being in his shoes haha.  I make an extra effort to try to help and teach him the best I can.

Yes, I am still filtering my water here in the city.  There are several people who don’t and never have any problems, but I`m never super sure so I filter everything or just buy purified water.  Don`t wanna take any chances ;) A water heater? I think it exists. It`s something called a calentador but I`ve only seen one when I slept in the assistants’ house the night of transfers. That was the greatest morning ever to shower in warm water... Not hot... But warm :)  So ya I just shower in cold water every day... I`ve gotten pretty used to it... It`s only the initial jumping into the water where you have to take a deep breath and then after that... All is well hahaha!

One of our investigators spent the week with his brother who is catholic and now he is a little aggressive with us... But we`re being patient and teaching the best we can... He`ll come around :) 

All is well here.  We`re working hard and life is good.  My companion turned 20 today.  I think we`re going to a big mall here to celebrate—a place called MetroNorte.  I’m off….

Happy Monday!
Elder Lott

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