Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Heart of the City

This week has been super good! Nothing really bad or ugly to report... Well not that I remember anyway but it`s because the good drowns it out. We had a super awesome lesson with Jailine yesterday and she is going to be baptized this Saturday if all goes well. We went through a practice interview and she has a strong testimony of the gospel so we were both super excited. The interview is scheduled for this Thursday and we`re hoping for the best :) 

We had a district meeting in one of the stake centers that`s like 15 minutes away and it had Wi-Fi :) so that`s where I ran into some luck to send you guys some pictures!  We also went on divisions this week. I went with Elder Uribe from Chile and I talked to him about Alan and his mission and all that stuff.  He`s super awesome and we had a fun day.

The city was fun... We went to celebrate my companion’s birthday and we had fun shopping and eating and what not. Of course we had to snag a couple pictures. That was like more in the heart of the city with traffic and cars and stuff because everywhere else is a little more different haha! The price of gas in the area is like 25 quetzales per gallon.. Which is about the equivalent of 3 dollars...a little more.

We made it to the mall. It was fun and always a new adventure to see each zone and how different they all are.

This is Elder Proby!! He`s from Provo, Utah even though he doesn`t look like it haha! I actually bought that sweater here! Every once in a while you can find something super awesome here. Most of the clothes stores are similar to the DI or Ross or stores like that so sometimes you can look for hours and not find anything or sometimes you can hit the jackpot. We noticed that we both had the same sweater and we had to grab a picture! He`s super awesome. I actually got to know him in Zacapa and then we met up again here in Alameda! 

All is well and we`re busy and working hard. 

Con amor,
Elder Lott

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