Monday, March 7, 2016

Service Projects and Miracles

Alright, transfer details....there were only a couple of changes.... one of our zone leaders is leaving and like two other missionaries; but I´m staying with my companion and I´m pumped about that. Our little district of 4 is awesome and we´re all going to be staying another transfer together!

Well apparently here in Guatemala it´s starting to be cold and rain sooner than usual. We´ve had a couple of good rain storms in the past couple of days that have been kind of crazy but hey I can´t complain!

All seems to be going well.... Our same 3 investigators continue to progress and we are working super diligently with them. We know that the Lord is helping us and preparing them as well. Truly there are tons of miracles happening in our area and we continue to see the hand of the Lord every single day.  I am doing my best to share this wonderful gospel with all of these people.

  This was a service project we did for one of the members in our ward! It was like my first one here in Alameda! Anyway, he had all that dirt that he needed to move so we offered to help him. We went over there one morning at like 8 in the morning and worked ours buns off until 12 and we only made a dent in it!! The problem is the wheelbarrows that we have to work with are super hard to work with. They don´t haul a lot of dirt so we have to make several trips just to haul a little bit. It´s fun though....we have gone like several times to run over and help him and we finally have it all taken care of!

Miracle of the week..... I´m going to have to go with....we were trying to find somebody that we could invite to baptism and we decided to visit a less active family that someone had referred us to. When we got there we were talking about the church and everything and we found out that when the family was baptized the daughter was only 4 years old so she wasn´t baptized. But now she´s 10 years old and anxiously accepted the invitation to baptism with the support of her family and everything!! It was super awesome. We just have to work with the parents to make sure they´ll come to church again and support her :)

We just see tons of miracles every day and it´s super awesome to be part of the Lord´s work here on the earth.

Have a great week!
Elder Lott

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