Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jailine was baptized!

Alight here`s what I have for this week.... 

Jailine was baptized this Saturday!!! It was so awesome and everything went so well! We had lots of support from the two wards and the four of us Elders even sang a special musical number. Everyone was reverent and the spirit was so strong and WOW. I think that will be a day for them to remember forever. I thought it was awesome! We were running around like crazies all day getting everything together but it was so worth it!  It was such a great day.

And then the day after she was confirmed a member of the church but guess what—me and my companion had to talk in Sacrament Meeting. I was super nervous but I think that it all turned out well. Several people told us that we did a great job so that made me feel good! It`s getting easier and easier to talk in front of people because of how often we have to do it haha! 

Easter here is called Pascua but they celebrate way differently and they celebrate the whole week. It`s called "Semana Santa" or "Holy Week" and school gets out and all the businesses shut down for like the whole week. Did we have some trouble finding some food this week? Ya, a little bit! We did get invited by some of the members to eat this week though so that was awesome :) It`s celebrated by the Catholics... All of the Catholics in the whole community get together to paint and decorate the streets and then later there are like parade floats of Jesus carrying the cross. It`s super different and quite interesting.

The holiday did help us share the gospel actually. Because of the holiday, nobody works during the week. Several people go to the beach or visit family far away and the streets were deserted but there were also several people that stayed in their houses and just spent some time with their families and that was where we had the opportunity to share the gospel with some of the families that we normally wouldn`t have the opportunity so that so super fun! 

We don`t hear a ton about world news but I have heard a little about the terrorist attack and also about the politics going on there in America. But really we don`t hear too much hear...everyone here just watches soccer hahaha! 

I email you guys from a little internet cafe that`s close to our stake center. It`s like kind of secluded but it has like 8 computers so the whole district can write at one time so that`s where we go. The computers work really well too so that`s always good! 

Here is the picture of me and Elder Uribe from the day we had divisions and I went with him. He is from Chile so we talked about Alan`s mission there and how cool Chile is and stuff and it was fun!

I miss you all and love you all tons!!
Elder Lott 

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