Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Emergency Transfers = New Companion

Hey! I had quite the crazy start to my week. The President`s assistants called us on Monday night and told us that we had emergency transfers. This was like 11 at night and Tuesday morning at 7am the taxi was going to swing by to drop off my new companion and pick up my old one. So here I am with a new companion and it was crazy. His name is Elder Barrera and he`s from here in Guatemala but a different part and he seems pretty awesome. I don`t know him super well yet but little by little. It was a crazy week though because it happened so fast and now I`m teaching the area and investigators and everything and it`s super crazy. It`s awesome though at the same time. It`s a good learning experience. The Lord is always blessing and watching over us.

I did get to watch general conference! All of the sessions and I loved it so much. I got to watch all of it in English except for the Priesthood Session.  That was a little bit of a bummer but the truth is I understood everything. The only bummer was that I didn`t get to hear the actual voice of the prophet and everything which is what I like most about English.  Like I said though I`ve gotten to the point where I could attend either English or Spanish and understand so that`s awesome.

Conference was such a great weekend. I learned so much and always love to hear from the prophet and the apostles. Those two days honestly flew by so fast.  I loved every second and learned so much. Now I have tons of notes to go through and remember how awesome it was. We watched the conference in our stake center here and I had the same question at the end of the Priesthood Session.  We all looked at each other like hey... where`s the other half hour?

Everyone asks me if I know the prophet and the apostles like personally because they all live so close and the conference center is so close and everything haha! 

When you told me Grandpa was sending me some of his ties, it brought a tear to my eye. I can’t wait to get them!  

My health is doing good. I`m feeling great and don`t have any cold symptoms or anything. As far as I know I don`t have any stomach problems and I`m eating healthier and feeling better so I`m doing super good for right now :) 

Elder Lott 

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