Tuesday, April 26, 2016


HEY!!! I am so excited to write you guys!!! Hmm... Not too much is new this week.... Really just that we had transfers and it has been a week of readjusting and getting to know the new missionaries. There are tons of new ones and they are all great. Some a little bit different than the others but for the most part all is well. We have a new district leader and it`s hard to adjust to a new one but he`s an awesome leader and has lots of experience in the field.

The baptism was so awesome. It is truly an experience I will never forget! It was fun to have the family there and to see their smiles and everything as the sister we baptized left the water. There was such a unique spirit there and I loved it so much! In the picture that`s her husband, daughter and son and she has another son but he wasn`t able to make it. It was so awesome though and we visit the family frequently to check on them and see how they`re doing. 

I received a giant card from the youth in our ward and I got a good laugh because there are tons of Young Women and all the missionaries were asking me if they can hook up with them and I told them they have to learn English. They`re all crazy it gives me a good laugh. 

Wow, I’m jealous that you guys are getting rain. It is so hot here and I`m just waiting for the rain to come. I`ve only seen a little bit of rain twice while I`ve been here in the capital but apparently we`re almost to that season.  That`s too funny that you`re wishing for no rain and nicer temperatures and I`m just dying for a little bit of rain haha!! Crazy to think that we`re in two different climates

No we never cook. We always eat lunch with Elder Brubaker and his companion at a little lunch place. It`s fun though I really enjoy it. I just need to learn how to make tortillas while I`m here and I`m set ;) 

Yes, we still have someone that does our laundry and even irons it for us so that`s super nice. We just pay her at the beginning of the month and then we just bring our clothes to her whenever we need it.  It`s super nice. 

Me and my companion are doing good. There is lots of work to do and we keep looking for more opportunities to serve and help our area grow and the Lord`s hand is definitely seen in all areas of our lives.

Love to you all,
Elder Lott

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