Thursday, May 5, 2016

Love the Temple!

P-Day was moved this week so the missionaries could go to the temple.

We just got back from the temple and it was so great!! I love going to the temple so much!  The temple session was in Spanish. It´s super different and I often think about the session in English in my head but I´m understanding basically everything in Spanish so that´s really good. I´m super excited to go to the temple with you guys after my mission.

This is our new zone.

Me and my companion.

 Elder Brubaker and Elder Lott!
I'm guessing there is a story behind those ties.  That has been his only request...a few new ties.

I haven´t received my tie package yet but they usually deliver packages and letters on Fridays.... So maybe this Friday I will get letters and packages and I will anxiously be waiting and asking to see if I have gotten anything :) 

We have actually had a couple of days of rain here but it is super hot as always!  It´s fun to get a little wet in the rain too. Hey my companion used to ride horses all the time and I told him that I knew how to ride a horse and he was pretty impressed haha!

I often see people here that remind me of Sabino.  I´m excited to talk to him when I get back. I think he´ll be impressed. There have been several people that have told me for being a "gringo" I have a really good accent so that´s awesome!

Time is short today.  All is well.

Elder Lott 

Here are some pictures of our apartment.

 They are living in a palace compared to Zacapa :)

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