Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mother's Day Call

We had the wonderful opportunity of visiting with Elder Lott on Mother’s Day.  It was a true gift to visit and laugh with him.  We miss him so much!

Our connection wasn’t the best and he was often pixelated and a little fuzzy but it was him!  He had some trouble speaking English.  It was fun to watch him translate his Spanish thoughts into English words. He couldn’t wait to show us an invitation to an investigator's wedding.  He was so excited and anxious to help with the wedding.  They are hoping a baptism will follow shortly. 

He also shared a funny story.  They were walking down the street and a couple of guys carrying a box were quickly approaching them with their hoods pulled low.  Without much warning, the guys circled the missionaries and Elder Lott said he thought this was it, the moment they were going to get robbed.  Suddenly the gentlemen pulled back their hoods to reveal friends from Zacapa.  He was delighted to see them and equally delighted about the contents of their box—BANANA BREAD.  He said it was truly a taste of home and he enjoyed every bite.

Without any warning, we asked him to share a quick message we could share with each of you so that you could enjoy hearing from Elder Lott too.   Thank you for all of your love and support!

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