Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sick on the Wedding Day :(

Well up until Saturday, life was pretty normal. We were just preparing things all week for the wedding and it all turned out super great. There was tons of support from friends and family and it was awesome! I have lots of pictures that I´ll send next time I´m in the church with wi-fi :) Saturday I was pretty sick all day actually.... I think I got food poisoning or something because I was in the bathroom like every hour and it was the worst... The day of the wedding too... Whyyyyyyy..... it all turned out well though and I’m feeling tons better already :) 

Our Zone Conference was super awesome because we got to hear from Elder Ochoa and his wife.  We´ll have to go look him up when I get home because I even got to shake his hand and meet him personally! Maybe he´ll remember me! ;) We got to hear from President Crapo and that was awesome too!  Then after we were able to catch up with all the other missionaries and everything and I loved it. It was so fun to see my old companions. This is the stake center in Zona Molina.  It´s nice and big!  I don´t think there´s a single building here in Guatemala that doesn´t have a tile floor.... Everywhere is tile and I miss the carpet.

This is the case for my agenda. I am still waiting on my scripture covers. It’s so awesome!  The front is the Guatemala Temple and the back is just like a Mayan design from the Mayan Indian tribes that were here in Guatemala. It´s super cool. 

I loved the Casualness leads to Casualties story you sent. It is so true and sometimes we just forget to protect ourselves by doing the things that we have been instructed to do like read our scriptures and say our prayers every day.  That’s what will protect us from the venomous snakes and everything else. I loved it! It was a good reminder for me. 

All is going super good here. I hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy ;) 

Remember that I love you guys SO much and miss you SO much. 

Elder Lott

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  1. It's bad to fall sick on the wedding day. Feeling sad for you. But hope it was a great one. Looking for one of the grand Chicago wedding venues for my sister's engagement next month. Lilies, orchids and carnations would be perfectly fine for decorations. Have to rush to the designer for dress. Catering and baker department will be handled by my brother.