Monday, May 23, 2016

The Rainy Season has started!

It´s true, the little couple we have been working with are super young but they´re super awesome! He´s 20 and she´s 19 years old. The wedding was super fun though you could tell they spent a lot of time planning it all and getting everything ready. We just helped with decorations and stuff!

Lessons with Michelle are super good. She has quite the testimony and she learns super quick. Her husband is actually already a member so it was more of an activation process with him but they are both attending church every week now and you can see the progress and that is what the mission is all about. It´s so great. Michelle was actually baptized this last Saturday and guess who got to baptize her?? This guy :) It was super awesome and super special. The spirit was so strong and it was such a great day! Baptism days are always kind of crazy but when the baptism finally happens it is so so worth it!  Pictures will be coming.

I´ve been a tiny bit sick with a cold... runny nose and a cough but I haven´t had a sore throat or headache or anything so that´s good! I´m almost better though... I´ve almost gotten rid of it :)

Everything is going good.  We´re just about to finish the transfer and we´re going to finish strong. I don´t think I´ll have transfers but who knows.

I GOT THE BIG FAMILY CARD!!!! :) I loved it!!

I´m super stoked for the rain.... All the members are talking about how the rainy season is starting and how it´s going to rain like every day from now on and I am so pumped. We run around with our umbrellas and rain jackets... We don´t always need them but we do always need to be prepared!  It’s lots cooler and I love it. I don´t know if it makes the mosquitoes worse... As for right now, it has helped.  I haven’t noticed as many so that´s good! I haven´t heard anything about the new dress guidelines yet in the mission.... Maybe in the next conference? 

We are headed to a big mall called MetroNorte today. We´ve been there before and it´s pretty cool. We´ll see what it has in store for us today. Mostly it´s just to go eat something a little better than normal ;) 

Love you all!
Elder Lott

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