Monday, May 30, 2016

Transfer Week Excitement

Transfer weekkkkk.... dun du du dunnnnn!!! I don´t have transfers haha I get to stay here another change with Elder Barrera! I was kind of expecting it though cause most missionaries that come to this area are here for 6 months so I kind of already knew. Elder Brubaker got transferred though.... I´m bummed about it... We´re not sure where he´s going yet but he told me he would write me and let me know next week so I´ll let you guys know! Now I don´t have anybody to talk to in English... Ya.... Bummer.... Oh well I guess I´ll just keep working on Spanish haha ;) There was only a slight change here.... So our district leader finished his mission and went home and I became the new district leader here... It´s just a little change.... Ok maybe kind of big... At least for me anyway!  I´m pretty nervous about it but at the same time excited... We´ll see how it goes. It´s just new responsibilities and everything that I have to learn and stuff.  I´M SUPER NERVOUS AND I DON´T KNOW WHAT I´M GOING TO DO BUT I´M EXCITED TO LEARN AND GROW :)

You got the pictures of the baptism and everything? That was a really fun baptism because I have been working with them since the beginning and I got to see the whole process and wow I loved it! Michelle seems really happy and they both seem to have the vision of going to the temple in a year to be sealed as a family and they said they were going to invite me so I´m looking forward to that :)
In our Mother’s Day call, Elder Lott told us his companion had a convert going through the temple and they had permission to go but no transportation.  We all prayed for a miracle and here is the story…
Well  we ended up talking to a member and asking for directions and he just decided that he would go with us so we got up at like 4:30 in the morning and got ready and caught the bus and headed for the temple and then after, we wandered around lost for a little while because the member couldn´t remember which bus to take to get back hahaha!  We had to do some asking around and it was hilarious but the temple was super good and the convert was super pumped to head out in the mission field.
I´m feeling good!! I´m feeling tons better I just have a little cough that continues to bother me a little but other than that I´m up and running again!!  Everything is going good and I´m looking forward to another transfer and lots and lots of learning!
I´ll let you know how my first week goes as a district leader ;) 
Elder Lott

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