Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A pretty normal week...

Well, not much is new. We had a pretty normal week. Yesterday in Ward council they assigned me to speak in Sacrament Meeting on the 14th. Speaking in Sacrament again...Ugh. :) What else? Nah, mostly just that. We´ve been making progress in our area and we are finding investigators that seem to have lots of interest in the gospel so that´s always the best. 

Sister Ventura is a super nice little old lady. She has several children. I think they´re all boys and I think I´ve actually met all of them. One of her sons is David Ventura (Janet´s husband). She is married. Her husband is of a different faith.  One of her sons lives there with her and he has actually opened up to us several times (could be because he likes to drink a little bit).  However, her grandchild, Andy is 13 years old and he loves to be sarcastic and joke around and play and everything and I get along SUPER well with him. He said that he has only grown attached to one other missionary in his life and I´m the second and that´s probably my favorite part about going to that house. Well, Sister Ventura always gives us food too which is always a plus. Joking around with Andy makes me miss my little brother though... Homesickness ;) 

Janet makes the banana bread. We actually pay her to cook for us and she cooks lunch and dinner for us every single day and the food is super good and it´s always a variety and I´m loving it. David, her husband, served a mission in Honduras and he loves to tease and joke around too. I have loved spending time with them and getting to know them and they treat me like I´m their son so it´s super nice. We wake up and do exercise every single day with David. They are a younger couple... like 30 both of them? Something like that. They have 2 kids and they´re little hoodlums. They don´t have a computer but they have smartphones and a tablet so that´s good!

Mom, your prayers have been answered. These two families are always talking to me and keeping me sane so that has been a real blessing. We see other missionaries Monday, Wednesday and Friday but that´s it. 

Investigators are slow but steady. We are always finding new investigators and we just have to find the ones that really want to accept and apply the gospel. We do have tons of support from the members though and especially from the bishop so that´s super helpful. 

I absolutely love 2 Nephi 31. It´s so true we use that chapter a lot while we are teaching because it talks a lot about the Doctrine of Christ, Baptism, being obedient, enduring to the end and lots of things and it´s honestly just a great chapter...probably one of the chapters that I have marked up the most haha!

All is well and time is flying by. I´m loving the mission and I’m learning so much. 

Elder Lott

His new scripture covers for his Spanish Scriptures -- what a treasure!

Elder Lott before church on Sunday

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