Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Invitation to read the Book of Mormon

Well, I don´t have transfers and neither does my companion. We´ll be here in Las Ilusiones another transfer together but I´m going to try and do things a little bit differently this transfer... take a new approach on things and see how it works out. I was a little bummed at first but I know that I need to learn something and that we´re here together for a reason so now I´m just motivated to see what will happen and to do my very best. 

This week´s talk was good! I thought it went really well at least. I was pretty nervous like all of Saturday but then Sunday when I woke up and got ready I wasn´t nervous anymore and gave a good talk on why attending sacrament meeting is important and what it means to keep the Sabbath day holy. I actually enjoyed preparing the talk and gained a new appreciation for that commandment. The bishop shared a little story too that I´ll have to try and find in English for you guys hahaha ;)

We have been invited to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover before the year ends.  I’m not sure if that invitation is worldwide or just here in the mission but I extend the same invitation to all of you.  There were several blessings promised if we would read the Book of Mormon including protection from the adversary in these challenging days. 

The truth is, ever since I got here to Zona 18, I’ve heard about killings like literally every single day. At first it really scared me and I was always like super worried all the time but then I just said to myself as long as I´m doing what I need to be doing and taking precautions like having a member with us and staying close to the house at night, the Lord is going to protect me and we haven´t had any problems at all so that´s a blessing :) 

Nothing is really new... I´m a tiny bit worried about this transfer just because this one was a little bit of a struggle but I’m determined to make the best of it and to just keep being the missionary that the Lord needs from me. What makes me happy is to hang out with David and Janet because they literally treat me like their son and they even played a cd the other day of like John McClain (I think he meant Michael McLean) and I was SOOOO homesick. I almost shed a tear or two and they were just like talking and laughing with me and I just really enjoy spending time with them. 

I feel like Guatemala doesn´t really have seasons. It´s always just like the same temperature no matter what month it is. I can´t believe summer is already over though and that school is starting up again. I hope you know that I love and miss you all and can´t wait to hear from you next week. It´ll be here before we know it. 

Elder Lott

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