Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quite the Service Project...

Well there isn´t really anything new to report. I´m still here in Las Ilusiones and I´m still with my same companion. It´s all good though! I´m doing alright. I´m hanging in there. The good thing is that there are lots of missionaries here in the zone that I really enjoy that keep me laughing and having a fun time. 



We did have quite the service project this last... Tuesday it was I believe. We chopped that huge stump in half and then chopped both halves into smaller pieces to be used as fire wood and we were working on that darn stump for like 4 hours and I couldn´t feel my hands or my arms after we were all through hahaha! They fed us breakfast and lunch though so I mean I guess it´s worth it ;) We´re planning on visiting the jungle again though in these coming weeks and we´ll see how that goes... I´ll have to bring my camera and take some fun pictures so you know what it´s like here in the jungles of Guatemala. ;) 

We just received a letter from the mission secretaries saying the mail service that received packages has been closed for who knows how long. They are trying to receive whatever packages are pending or stuck there. We´ll have to see what happens. I hope we don´t end up losing my birthday package with all of those snacks and goodies and my favorite jeans. I believe in miracles. I´m sure it will get to me. (How does the mail service in an entire country just shut down?  I pray every single day that his birthday package will somehow arrive with all of those darling pictures!)

All is going well though. We have lots to do and we´re staying busy. There is definitely something that needs to be learned or taught in this transfer and I´m anxious to see what that is. Thank you though for always supporting and encouraging me. Sometimes I see these other missionaries that don´t receive any messages from their parents or friends and I´m always so grateful for everyone writing me and supporting me so thank you all!

Elder Lott


  1. That stump reminds me of the stump that Lisa and Brian hiked clear to the top of the mountain, by our campground while on the river trip, to find.