Friday, August 19, 2016

I have just really grown to love and appreciate these people...

Well it´s only been a few days since I wrote you and there´s not too much new going on.  Actually this Sunday was kind of eventful. First of all, I spent all week preparing my Sacrament talk and I was ready to give my talk and then they never announced me as a speaker. So I asked the bishop what was up after and he was like oh ya there was a change in plans. You´re going to be talking NEXT Sunday on a different topic!! Hahaha oh good! So now I´ll spend this week planning another Sacrament talk but that´s alright because it´s always a good opportunity to learn. Also, this Sunday we talked to the bishop of the other ward and he asked for our help because his ward doesn´t have missionaries. So, we talked to President Crapo and he said it would be great if we could work in both areas so now we´re covering two wards which is two areas and there is SO much work to do and there is not enough time in the day. We are just running from one house to another to another to another and it´s absolutely nuts but it´s so fun and exciting! I am meeting so many different people and everyone is just always so happy to see us and they always give us like a snack and some water or whatever they have around, and I have just really grown to love and appreciate these people.

Wherever I go here everyone always tells me that "los gringos" are winning all of the gold medals and I just have to laugh haha. I heard that Michael Phelps walked away with several medals and that he´s going to retire but he always says that so we´ll have to see what happens.

My area... well it´s like a super big area and well we´ve never had any problems but they say that´s pretty dangerous and especially in the night time. So I feel like it´s basically the same as my previous area. We usually just don´t wander very far from the house in the night time but we´ve never had any problems so that´s a blessing for sure :)

We have been able to find TONS of new investigators. We have received lots of references and everything as well and now we´re even working in San Rafael, our neighboring area, and there is just so much work to do and we´re just busy as ever. 

Service opportunities...we had the greatest service opportunity ever and I forgot my camera but we did it as a district so I´m going to ask the other elders to send me some pictures and I will get back to you on that. It was super awesome though. He took us down into literally a jungle and we searched for wood to bring back up to his house but there are videos and pictures that explain it all better so I´ll get right on that. 

Best moment of the week... Probably on Sunday when we went and visited this little old man that has been sick for a few days and we just talked about tons of things and he shared with us some fun stories about his conversion and his testimony and asked us questions about the Book of Mormon and told me that I knew a lot and it was obvious that I was born in the church because I knew all the primary songs and everything so that was probably the funnest part of our week :)

We´re in the last week of transfers... I can´t believe how fast time is flying by. All is well though and I´m doing good and staying super busy which is good and helps a ton. 

Elder Lott

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