Thursday, August 11, 2016


I was super excited to be able to go to the temple this week! (which is why P-Day was switched to Wednesday this week.) I have actually started to miss the temple when there are long periods of time when we don´t get to go. I hope I can make that a habit for the rest of my life and take advantage of having temples so close to our house :)  

When we went to the temple today we were entering as all the missionaries from the CCM were leaving and there were a couple of new missionaries from the states that were asking me all sorts of questions like how I learned the language and what the mission field was like and it was super funny and it made me laugh because I was in that same spot a year ago and wow how the time has flown.


Here is a picture of me and my companion at the temple.  My companion and I have been doing good. He seems to open up a little bit more now but he doesn´t talk a ton usually short responses but it´s alright. Little by little.

The picture where I´m in the middle of the two missionaries is me with the zone leaders and the other is me with Elder Tejada who is a missionary here in our district.  We have just seemed to click and always enjoy a good laugh. 

We definitely felt the effects of Hurricane Earl.  We were caught like 3 or 4 times in a down pour. I always carry my umbrella in my backpack just in case but it just hits so fast that I didn´t even have time to pull it out before I was drenched. It was like a bus passing by in a puddle and you just happen to be standing there and you´re drenched from head to toe. That fast. It´s funny though we were able to have some good laughs which was good for a change. There was lots of talk about Hurricane Earl and if we were going to catch some of the outer edges of the hurricane and sure enough haha but not too bad just a couple of good rainstorms.

We found our little lizard friend after one of the rainstorms. Maybe he lives around here and just comes out when the rain hits or something who knows haha!

Yes that is some original Kraft Mac n´ Cheese. I was sooooo stoked when sister Janett made it for us. It tasted super good!  It definitely gave me a little taste of home and I was grateful :) 

This week we had interviews with the President and a Zone Meeting. It was good! There´s always tons to learn and I got to see the missionaries from my zone but I see them like 3 times a week anyway so that wasn´t very new.  But we got to go to Walmart this week.  It isn´t as big as at home and doesn´t have all the same stuff but it does have some things that you don´t find in other stores so it was fun to go.  I bought  5 whole pounds of gummy worms and they have been a real treat!

Best moment of the week was definitely going to the temple.  It was the best. Worst moment.... Ummm.... We don´t have worst moments... Just good moments ;) 

I have actually grown to love giving blessings... at first I was always scared because I didn´t know what to say and everything but now they´re always so grateful and it´s such a neat experience. The priesthood is really something special.

This transfer has flown by. We´re about to finish this transfer and we´ll see what that holds in store for us. Missionary life is good though. I´m always busy and the time just flies by.  I´m so glad that all is well. I miss you guys more and more everyday but am continually grateful for your support and all of the things that I have learned from you guys.

Elder Lott

Facebook informed us there were six people killed in Elder Lott's area this week due to gang violence.  We know the Lord protects his missionaries and we know Elder Lott is protecting us.  Thank you for your continuing prayers for his safety and success.

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