Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An Awesome Week of Service and Baptisms!

Oh my goodness this week has been FULL of service projects.  First we helped a member who is going to put a water tank up there so we had to dig some deep holes so he can put cement pillars.... Rough :)

Next, we participated in a helping hands project and it was super fun. The whole stake got together to help paint the curbs all over the neighborhood!  We painted all the curbs white!! You can't really tell though.

So remember when I told you guys about the Gomez family? Well only one of the three got baptized (Noemi) and her husband wasn't going to be able to make it to her baptism because of work but we weren't going to let that happen so we went over and hauled ALL the dirt that he had to haul.  Like 2 hours before the baptism we were just hauling dirt over our backs.  We got it done just in time but here was no time to change before the baptism.  We were BEAT but it’s a super fun memory that I will NEVER forget :)

The rest of the Gomez family are receiving visits from a couple of our elders here in our zone and hopefully will be baptized soon too.

Oh and add clean the church in there too.  On Monday we started filling up the font and while it was filling up we cleaned the rest of the church but then tons of time passed by and when we went to check on it, it was flooding…oops! We had a small flood on our hands but we got it taken care of ;)

I told you about Max last week.  He was baptized on Monday.  Max is 18 and he has become like a best friend to us.  It's awesome!!

Edgar and his little one, Willy, were baptized this week and it was a super special day!  Edgar’s older son, Douglas, was already a member and he was able to baptize his father and brother.  We just have a little more work to do with the Mom :)


We haven’t found anyone who wants to cook for us so we have to look for a place to eat every single day. We have been looking but most people in this area are busy.  Sometimes we just eat cereal. I miss David and Janet so much!  We do have someone that washes our clothes though :)

Elder Martinez and I are exercising every day and I feel great!  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we go for a nice run and the other days we do weights and push-ups and we have a pull up bar and its crazy.

All is well in Guatemala!
Thank you for your love, support and prayers!
With love,
Elder Lott

Mom, I just sent the shoe pictures so you would see how great they have been.  I wore the first pair my first year and now I`m onto my second pair.  It`s super awesome.  I was pumped when I had worn my other shoes right out. They could have lasted longer but I decided to leave them behind because they were weighing me down, you know? ;)  These shoes are troopers that’s for sure… these will probably last Riley's mission too :)
Apparently he missed the instruction to rotate them every day.  Oh well, this works too!

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