Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Elder Brubaker is back!

The greatest thing ever happened in transfers... I get to stay here with Elder Martinez and guess who arrived as one of the new district leaders??


I can´t even tell you how excited I was.  I was so happy to have him here in our zone especially as a district leader because I get to work super close with him!!  It is the absolute best!  Now I have someone to speak English with again.  I´ll be able to catch up a little bit on my practice hahaha!!

There were tons of transfers in our zone though... Almost every single area had transfers and we have like 3 new elders that are just starting their mission!

Investigators…We have tonnnnsssss and some live far away some live close some live in between and we have to plan our days super well so that we can catch everyone throughout the week.  It´s craziness and I love it!  I can´t even tell you how many new experiences the mission brings!

We are going to be having two baptisms this coming Saturday!  It´s a super special family and we´re super excited that the rest of the family is getting baptized!  I´m going to be baptizing one of them and then the son of the mom is going to baptize her... It´s super awesome! 

It´s that time of the year where I have to wear like 3 layers of clothes and wrap up like a taco in my blanket to go to sleep because it´s freezing cold in the night...Yikes!  Luckily it´s only like 2 months here though ;)  Our house gets super cold at night. I´m not sure why…must be because it´s in a little alley thing and the wind passes by all night and makes everything super cold.  I’m really hoping not to get sick! With the cold mornings,  we haven´t been quite as good at going for a run but we still do weights and pull ups in the house and it´s still good.  

We still haven’t found someone as amazing as Janet to cook for us but we do the best we can!! There are several members that help us out…it´s just every once in a while that we are stuck and have to make a good sandwich.  We usually have something small to eat for breakfast and then a big lunch and then something small for dinner again.  Sometimes we have a feast and everything but it just depends.

I don’t have anything super great to share this week.  I love working with all of the missionaries.  Next week, I’ll have lots to share.  We have a big meeting with all the zone leaders and the assistants and President Crapo tomorrow.  On Wednesday we´re going to have our baptismal interviews and on Saturday we’re having baptisms!   It will be a great week!

You guys have a great week too! 
Elder Lott

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