Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Power of Prayer Never Fails!

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! We didn't do anything special for Thanksgiving. We didn't get to eat anything super special or anything.... just had a lot of people ask me about it haha!  We did get a new companion and now we're in a trio. I guess that was our thanksgiving surprise!!  He’s from Chile and has been out about 5 months.  It's always a challenge to have three but we're doing the best we can.  Me and Elder Martinez are doing super good!! We get along really well!!

The baptisms were fantastic! We got to the chapel at 2 to fill up the baptismal font and there wasn't any water. It was the biggest predicament I've ever been in!  So, what did we do?? We started making phone calls to a million people and we had to do this and that and finally we turned on like the backup water reserve...but, it didn't work and we didn't have keys to get into the little bunker and turn it on from the inside.  We didn’t know what to do…so I got down on my knees right in front of the big water tank outside and prayed and BOOM, when I finished my prayer you could hear it kick right on and my companions just looked at me like that was so awesome. It was super cool!  The power of prayer never fails! It was the greatest experience ever!!!

We had a great meeting last week and we’re going to another one tomorrow for new leaders and everything with president again.  We get to be in contact with the president like always and it's kinda fun!  Last week we talked about the mission's plans for December... what service we're going to do and everything.... it's a meeting called concilo and it's where we talk about how to help the mission and things like that.  It’s super fun and I really enjoy it.

The overall message last week was how are we going to serve like Christ in December.  It’s worldwide starting December 1st.  You should all participate too!

We're going to be painting and constructing a house as a zone... 12 of us!

Each zone has the responsibility of finding their own big service projects.  Some are going to old folks’ homes, others will be serving in hospitals, some will be cleaning in the community and everything.  We're going to be serving as a mission it's super fun!!

I'm excited for our project! It's for a member that's getting married this Saturday!!
We're going to make additions to an existing house and paint and stuff like that.  We will be moving in furniture and all that jazz.  It’s all about service and I’m excited!

I gotta jet.... We have to go help some missionaries in another area....until next week.

Elder Lott

Here is the URL for the Light the World initiative he mentions:

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