Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Not as crazy as last week...

This week wasn´t a super crazy week like the week we had before... But the funnest part is that we just got back from a place that´s called Sixth Avenue and it´s basically just a huge street with ALLLL types of stores. We even went to the central market and I was scoping out the souvenirs but made no purchases.

Updates…There is a good possibility we will have a baptism this Saturday…a little guy that´s 11.  He´s super awesome!  Service projects.... nothing too crazy like last week haha!

Favorite teaching moment this week... We went to a recent convert’s house for a lesson and her little sister was visiting. We start asking her about the gospel and everything and she has grown up in the Evangelist church and knows a lot about the Bible. As we started talking about the Restoration the message just kind of clicked for her and she has been interested ever since. I don´t know how much more time we´ll have with her because she´s only visiting but hopefully we planted the seed and others will be able to come and water it.

The weather is getting colder and colder.  Not anything cold compared to Utah this time of year but definitely super cold for here in Guatemala. I´ve started to sleep with double layers again and a thick blanket that was here in this house. We still get up and run in the morning though so the cold doesn´t stop us ;)

We are definitely doing tons and tons of walking. We never stop!  Sometimes people ask us if we´re just walking to walk hahaha!

In our zone… (Dang it! I have a picture of our zone but I forgot my camera today.) There are only 4 gringos in our zone..4 out of 13!  One is from Utah (plus me), another from Oregon and another from Arizona.

The most tradition food here in Guatemala is rice with beans and tortillas. It´s actually super good and I´ve grown to love it haha!

My new responsibilities are getting easier and easier. I´ve learned that to be a good leader, first I need to be a good friend and I feel like our zone is growing more and more united and we´re seeing lots of success thanks to that.  I´m loving it...I pray for help every single day but I feel like I´m definitely receiving the help that I need because we´re having a great time. I´m learning so many lessons that I don´t even know if there´s enough room in my head for all these experiences.

Honestly, I know this work is the Lord´s work and this gospel is so true. I have seen it change so many lives and it continues to change my life each and every single day. We just have to apply its principles little by little each day and we will see all the blessings that the Lord has prepared for us. Read the Book of Mormon a little each day!! It brings more comfort and peace than you can imagine!!!

Alright, well, I love you all more than you can ever imagine but I gotta head... I hope you all have a great week and I´ll be looking forward to next Monday!!!

Elder Lott

Here is his response to my “Do missionaries get flu shots?” inquiry:

Well I´m not really sure... Last Christmas we got a vaccination. Elder Yama gave me the shot actually. He was studying medicine before the mission though and he actually did a great job hahaha! I´m not sure if it was for the flu though!! Maybe this coming month we´ll get flu shots?? I doubt it.

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