Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Birthday Package Arrived!

How is everyone?  Guess what?  My birthday package arrived!!!  Can I just tell you that I was so incredibly excited when I got the package that I almost cried actually and then when I opened it I definitely cried.  Now I can see all of those great pictures whenever I want! And, my jeans still fit…a tiny bit different but it might just be because I´m not used to wearing jeans anymore.... Yikes!  They still zip up and there´s actually room around the waist still. I opened all my presents in like 5 minutes because I was so excited…except for the little gift for after Thanksgiving... I haven´t opened that yet.  The chocolate was not melted.  Everything was in good condition and the package had not been opened.  I'm a happy missionary!


This has definitely been a good week!  Our Zone earned the title of “Zona Celestiales” and enjoyed a celebration with President Crapo.  It´s where each of our areas in our zone baptized and we completed as a zone the goal of 12 baptisms in the month of October which is like 2 baptisms per companionship. It was super awesome and then the president invited us over for breakfast and it was a party. We´re hoping to do the same thing this month!

The celebration was at the President´s house outside in the garden.  He lives on like the 5th floor of a nice hotel and outside there´s a super nice garden and that´s where we ate.  It was definitely different than what we are used to.  We had to travel like an hour to get there!  It was awesome!!!


This is Elder Gaibor. He’s from El Salvador. I´ve been with him in another zone and he´s finishing his mission so we took a fun picture together.  We had lots of good experiences together in divisions and stuff.

We had the funnest experience yesterday actually!! We went to dedicate a house that a new family had moved into and some members asked us to go over and this new family invited like all of their family that lived there close and we had like a huge gathering and we taught about the atonement and then we dedicated the house and there were tons of people there that believe in Christ but don´t really do anything more than believe. But last night everyone was listening so intently and the spirit was so strong. I honestly love talking about the atonement and how it blesses us in our lives.

Everytime I share my testimony it gets stronger.  Just imagine sharing your testimony every single day!  When you work your biceps every day, you just get super strong right?  It’s the same with the testimony.  It´s even better when the investigators realize that these things are true and have the desire to change and grow closer to Christ.

We are going to have 2 baptisms not this Saturday but the next…a sister named Sandra and her niece Marleni.  YAY!!!! I’m so excited!!! Baptisms coming up... miracles.... tons of experiences... Everything is so wonderful honestly I love the mission and this gospel!

Sometimes we don´t know what do to or where to go and all of a sudden someone calls us and they´re like hey come help us with this or hey we have a couple here that we want you guys to teach or things like that or when people make super big choices like not smoking or drinking anymore because of an answer to prayers and everything it´s just so fun to see the Lord´s hand in all of this!!

Everyone here, regardless of age, loves to play soccer. It doesn´t matter where or how or if they don´t have a ball they use a water bottle or something but EVERYONE plays soccer and we always play with the kids in the streets and it´s so fun. Something else that I see a ton is marbles. They´re always flicking marbles but I´m not very good at that.  It´s pretty crazy the little games that these kids come up with it.... Just whatever is there handy they use to play with.  I love it!

Have a great week!
Sending lots of hugs and all my love,
Elder Lott

Mom’s question:  Do you see sunsets very often in Guatemala?
Elder Lott’s answer:  sunsets... uhhhh.... Nah not really. Well to be honest, I´ve never really paid attention.

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