Thursday, January 19, 2017

10 Investigators at church :) and a lost phone :(

My week has been so good!  We had TONS of visits this last week and on Sunday we brought 10 investigators to church!!! We made like 50 phone calls on Saturday night to get everything lined up.  It was a riot to keep them all together and get them to their classes and then get them all home afterwards but it was so worth it and such a good feeling :)  It was a successful week and we're hoping for more help and more success this coming week!! 

We have been teaching a young woman.  She came to church with us and then we walked her home with another brother after church and we were asking her tons of questions about the church and everything and she seems to be super excited about it.  The young women had new beginnings this week and we took her to that and that was fun.  It made me think of mom.

Guess what happened to us on Friday?  We lost our little brick phone.  We were going to visit some other missionaries in their area so we hopped on the bus and then when we were in our way we called the missionaries and asked them where we were going to meet. I put the phone right back in my pocket and when we got off the bus... it wasn't there anymore :(

I don't really know if it was a pick pocket or not.  I remember putting it in my pocket and my companion said he saw me put it in my pocket too so I don't know if it fell out of my pocket while I was still sitting down or if someone snagged it... not sure... huge bummer though!

We already called the phone and someone answered and said that somebody had sold it to him in another city and that he wasn't willing to give it back.  We offered to buy it back from him but he wasn't willing.  The thing is that the missionaries’ phones have like unlimited phone calls so he was loving life.  We already called the mission office though and they are going to cancel it and send us a new one... but not until like Wednesday.  We have to use the public payphones to make any phone calls now.... good thing I have a coin stash where I've saved all the coins I've ever had from the whole mission.  And it’s a good thing Guatemala is still like the old days you describe with pay phones everywhere on the streets.

No, I will not take a picture of my haircut.  It's like the haircut that I got when we buzzed my head... almost identical.  It doesn't matter how I tell them to cut my hair, it always ends up being the same.  My haircut is doing a little better now. It's not unbearably short anymore. It's grown a little bit. 

Yes, I seem to be struggling to get you pictures.  It's a combination of having my camera with me and finding WiFi. Sometimes when I find WiFi, I don't have my camera.  I will eventually get you some holiday pictures.

We already got our “to do” list done for today so now we’re off to do visits.  I love the gospel and these good people and I love you all!

Elder Lott

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