Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bad Haircut

I couldn’t take any pictures this week because I got a haircut and my hair is way too short.   I look ugly so I didn't want to take any pictures.  We went to get haircuts the day after New Year and ALL of the hair stores were closed so we found like this old beat up sketchy place that was cutting hair and made a go with it.... Big mistake.... oh well.  I have chubbier cheeks with shorter hair but the nice thing about bad haircuts is they eventually grow out.

We were able to explore a new part of our area that we didn't know about until we got a reference from one of the members and we went to visit the reference with the member in a new part of our area. My companion was like, “geez I have like 5 months here and I've never heard of or seen this place.”  It was super funny but a great time!
Our investigators are doing good!! Slowly but surely they're progressing.  We're finding more and more now too because we have a new goal as a mission to work with members to find and visit references and it has been super effective for us!! We're finding or receiving like one reference every day!! In the future that will lead to lots of baptisms.  It is amazing to see how the Lord's work is moving forward and it is so fun to be involved.  It's definitely moving forward and the Lord is definitely preparing his children.

This week has been super good. With the new mission goals for this year we have really just taken a whole new approach on visiting members more and sharing a message with them and asking for references. After we have references we try to make plans then and there with the members to go and visit their friends or neighbors and it has been a huge success.   It is definitely easier when we can say a friend sent us or especially when we show up at the house with that friend.  It’s great!

We also have zone conference coming up so me and my companion have to get everything prepared for a visit from President Crapo and his wife.  We will share a little class with the zone and we're kind of nervous for that but it'll be fun.

It's freezing cold today and we're going to make the last of the hot chocolate you sent tonight.  Me and my companion were both super excited to get it because the only hot drink they sell here is coffee and he said he always bought hot chocolate in Mexico too so it was definitely a treat!

You say it’s so warm here compared to home.  Maybe I'm just not used to this kind of cold anymore and I'm more used to the hot so it's freezing cold for me. I would say it's less than 60 degrees though.... the air is freezing cold and we still got up and went for a run today. My companion is motivated.  (It’s a good thing he’s coming home in the summer.)

Hope you all have a great week—stay warm and dry :)
Elder Lott

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