Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hard Work and Dedication Pay Off

It has been a good week!! We have done lots of traveling and lots of walking and lots of visits! We have been traveling all over our area without stopping.  We have been working with members and we have like 12 investigators that have their baptism as a goal.  

I was so sad to hear about the passing of one of our fellow lacrosse brothers, Paul Evans.  It seems so weird to lose a classmate and a teammate…someone that you have so many memories with and such a good friendship with.  I loved that kid!  I wish I could have seen him one more time before his passing.  I know I’ll see him again but it sure is rough to hear those things. 

All is well here though. We just received news today that our phone is with our neighboring elders here. We just have to go and pick it up!

The haircut is finally at a point where I feel comfortable taking pictures so I'll try and get a few your way.  Sorry about that.

We are working super hard.  We're getting everything ready for when my companion goes so I can pick it right up with my new companion and baptize lots.  In two weeks they tell us about transfers but I imagine that Elder Martinez is outta here because he has 6 months here already. I'm good to stay though. I like the area and the members have really helped me out and love me so I'm good to stay a little while longer.  I learn so much from all the members and investigators in every area. I love the mission!

A moment in my week that stands out...I think what stood out to me is just how hard work and dedicated work pay off. We went and visited a less active family and invited them to come to church and they accepted and then told us to go and visit a family member of theirs that lived just up the street.... well... mountain.  So, we went and visited her and left the same invitation. We also found out that the daughter of this family member hasn't been baptized and has the desire. The Lord has prepared these people for baptism.  It's so crazy. I LOVE to see the Lord's hand in his work and I see it literally like every single day.

I'm super healthy. We are getting up and running like every day or every other day and I'm feeling super good. Oh, but yesterday we went and ate lunch with a member and forgot we had made a lunch appointment with another family so when they called to confirm the appointment we had to go and eat a 2nd time and I wasn't feeling too good yesterday.... I ate wayyyyyyyy too much!  It's impossible to say no to the people here.... I think that's why missionaries gain weight 

The missionaries in our zone and doing good! Staying busy!! We're trying to plan a fun service activity as a zone for next week.  We want to do a community cleaning project and paint the curbs and plant trees and clean the streets and everything but we have to talk to the like city government or something like that...  Gotta run…

Love you all!

Elder Lott

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