Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Solid Week!

It was a pretty solid week. We had divisions with the assistants on Tuesday, worldwide conference for missionaries on Wednesday and then on Thursday we had a small service project and then worked all day so it was kind of a crazy week but it was super fun and super busy!!

I enjoy being with the assistants. They're super good missionaries that have a real desire to help the missionaries make it to their true potential.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot!  One thing I learned from the assistants was how our attitude makes the biggest difference. When we're happy and excited to share our message, it's a whole different lesson but when it becomes a habit or a routine to be sharing the lessons then it's a whole different message. Also, I learned that when we make our invitations more direct, it makes the compromise more direct if that makes sense. We had several lessons where we invited people to change something specific in their lives like read the scriptures more or pray more and we had some super awesome lessons.

For the worldwide missionary conference, we got together with 2 other zones and President Crapo came with us too! It was basically just a change in everything. They told us that we basically have the option to choose our schedule. That we know our areas and everything and we know what we need to do and when so that was super cool. Lots of training and counsels. It was fun to hear them.

It was a super busy week but I like having busy weeks cause that way we're not looking for things to do or trying to fill the time. It's all just laid out for us you know? The service project was good!! We are pros at little service projects now hahaha!  My companion and I helped a member clear out the house to repaint everything and painted the house and then moved everything back inside. Painting here is so much different then painting there.... over here you just kind of slap it on hahaha!

Our missionaries are doing good though.  Some are getting ready to have changes and I'm kind nervous about it all honestly.  I should have transfer information next week.

I'm so glad to hear that Paul’s family is doing alright.  I know that Paul is needed in another place but he will always be a special friend.  Heavenly Father's plan for us is perfect though and I know that everything is alright.

Our investigators are progressing.  Many came to church again yesterday and seem to really enjoy it and learn a lot.  The members are so welcoming!  We are looking forward to baptism dates in no time!

The new apartment is fantastic.  Hot water is the secret to good missionary life hahaha! We finally got our phone and we can call and check up on everyone now.

All is well in Guatemala!
Love to you all—
Elder Lott

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