Saturday, April 1, 2017

Special Guest

We had three baptisms this week and it was so awesome AND there was a member of one of the quorums of the seventy there too AND I got a picture with him! It was a crazy weekend in the best way. 

The tall guy that you see in the picture is Angel.  He came to live with his family here in Lomas del Norte and he was so interested in the gospel and we just started teaching him and he like came prepared because we taught him for like 2 weeks and he was ready to be baptized. It was so awesome.  The other taller guy is Pablo and he´s Angel´s cousin.  He´s the one that baptized Angel so that´s why he´s dressed all in white.  Can you guess which one I baptized?  Yep!  The little guy tucked under my arm.  His name is Gabriel.  I love taking part in miracles! The mission is so awesome!  It has been so fun to be a part of so many cool experiences.

I´m going to get a haircut today… I was so devastated by that last haircut, I haven´t cut my hair since January 2nd. I´m super hesitant today but oh well hahaha!

We haven’t been able to make chex mix because we can´t find white corn syrup. We have everything else. We´ve looked everywhere but there is no white corn syrup in Guatemala.   A member is going to look at a place called Pricesmart which is basically Costco to see if they can find it there.  I’m not giving up.  No worries though…

The weather right now is super hot in the afternoon and pretty chilly in the night. It´s nice. I like it.

Gotta go, gotta run... We´re going to make our grocery run and go get a haircut and then we´re going to go hangout with a missionary that´s leaving on Wednesday for his mission and then later we´re going to go play games with Jose Rodrigo and his family!

Love to you all—
Elder Lott

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