Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I always look so out of place...

Hey, everyone!  I`m doing super good!  All is well.  I`ve made it to another pday and we had a baptism on Saturday and wow everything is good!

The baptism was originally planned for this coming Saturday but we decided that she was ready and we moved the baptism and had it this last week. It was kind of crazy but it was super good.   The other people in this picture are her Mom, Sister and cousin! I always look so out of place :)

Easter was pretty... Interesting... It`s a whole different holiday out here in because the Catholics celebrate super differently. They have like these huge parade floats that they carry around honoring Jesus but it`s with like big like "red carpet" kind of things that the people lay out on the streets. They call it processions in Spanish.  EVERYONE in the whole country has the weekend off... just the most important jobs have to work.  There was this huge gathering in front of the Catholic Church where they all sang and everything.  Easter Dinner... We ate some noodles in Spaghetti sauce with some hard-boiled eggs and tamales.

I`m liking the new area! It`s like pretty flat which is nice and there are tons of people that give us food and everything as well as tons of potential for new investigators.  This is a humble area which allows them to be open to receiving our message.  We are still getting a few references from members so that helps.  It`s decently big and a nice area actually.  I like it anyway!

My companion and I get along super well.  I am honestly hoping to finish the mission with this guy. He is from El Salvador and he`s 24 years old. He almost graduated from the university but decided to go on a mission before finishing.  He is the youngest of 3 brothers.

You saw me on Facebook?  That’s funny!  Yes!  We had a multi zone conference on Thursday and it was AWESOME!  I learned about following promptings of the spirit and usually he`ll whisper something to us and we`ll think about it and then more and more thoughts come but they`re usually from Satan trying to convince us not to do it. For example as missionaries when the spirit tells us hey knock that door and we think about it but then have thoughts of like nah we don`t have time or nah we`ve already knocked that door or no these people don`t want anything and those thoughts come from Satan and we have to listen and act on the first prompting.

I write from the internet café but we are going to leave right now to help with a service project.  We are helping a family move some stuff, then after that we`re going to go back and clean the house and then maybe after we`ll go play ping pong with some members in the church! I love ping pong.  I’m a little advanced for them there but we have some fun hahaha.  The back spin gets them every time :)

Love you all!
Elder Lott

Here I am pretending to cook… with cereal… in my Easter apron.

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