Friday, April 7, 2017

Two Companions, Two Areas and Two Houses...

Hey! How is everyone?  I`m doing pretty good! Just getting used to the new companion that we have with us but doing good. We are in a trio right now. Our new companion is from El Salvador.  He was in the neighboring area but his companion got sent to another area so he joined us and it has been insane.  We are working in both areas right now so we`re always traveling so much and running here and there.  It’s so exhausting and sometimes we have to sleep in his house because we don`t have time to make it back to ours and it`s just so hard. There is so much work!

The trio is temporary but I think we will stay together until transfers on May 2nd... We`ll see.  We have investigators in both areas so we go back and forth like every single day. We`re exhausted.  It’s too far to walk so we take a bus. It`s like a 30 minute bus ride and then we walk all day in his area or in ours.  It`s the craziest experience! I haven`t done anything like it in my whole mission.

We do have 3 beds in both apartments..... now.   I sleep so good at night!  Sometime we tease our new companion and speak in English and pretend we`re talking about him and he`s all like shut up you two hahaha!

We watched General Conference in the stake center with the other missionaries but all of the members from our ward watched it in their houses.  That was different for me. We didn`t bring any new investigators with us because we are starting from zero and now working in 2 areas we don`t even have time to look for new ones!!  Our converts got to watch the conference in their houses too.  I love General Conference.  I did like the talk specifically saying to listen to the missionaries!  Elder Bednar had an awesome talk about missionaries too!

Elder Goodwin and I both got the picture of our Moms meeting for lunch.  We were laughing and enjoying the moment together here haha!

My haircut turned out ugly again…maybe not as ugly but ugly.

We are cooking but we`re not hand washing anymore. We found somebody to help us haha! I just eat sandwiches every single day.  Sometimes we go and eat like tacos or like pizza or other super fun things so I`m good.

White corn syrup is not to be found in Guatemala.  We haven’t tried the make your own recipe yet because we don`t know what cream of tartar is.  We are going to Walmart today so I’ll check there.  We got permission to go because I’m out of razors.  We can stock up on snacks and goods while we’re there.

I`m feeling... pretty good!  Super tired and with a little bit of pressure but super good!  We are just on a crazy fun adventure doing the Lord`s work and working like crazy! We found a new family yesterday that we`re going to baptize. They`re references from another family and it`s going to be awesome. They agreed to come to church with us right off the bat so that`s a good sign. They haven’t said anything, I just feel it! We had a great lesson with them and when we walked out of the lesson we all said the same thing. Wow! That family is going to get baptized!

Hey I think we`re getting ready to head though. This whole jumping between houses is pretty crazy and now 2 houses to clean as well. No good :)

Love you all!
Elder Lott

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Elder Goodwin's mom for lunch.  We could have chatted for hours about our missionaries!  They are great boys doing a great work.  We are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  She is still adjusting to her missionary being gone and I'm counting the weeks until mine returns.

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