Friday, April 14, 2017

Shipped off to Canalitos

Well the news of the week is that our little trio got split up and I got shipped off to Canalitos, Zona 24, with Elder Doñas.  It`s like right here next to Lomas but it`s like way up the mountain.  Elder Doñas is the trio companion from El Salvador.  He has 6 months out here in the mission. We are dedicated to his area now and Elder Goodwin stayed back in Lomas and got a new companion from Chile. Elder Goodwin is a great kid!  He had me laughing all the time. We`re in the same district though so we get to see each other pretty frequently and we always talk about how we wanted to finish the transfer together.

It was super crazy and it all happened so fast but here we are getting some work done here in Canalitos.  It’s nice to be dedicated to one area because we`re not running everywhere anymore.  And we have a good time together so honestly I`m super happy.

This apartment is actually super nice.  They had someone come in and do a deep clean like a couple days ago so it`s spotless and now we just have to keep it that way.  This one has like 4 couches in it! 

My companion and I get along really well so far so that`s super good. We`re teaching a couple of families and then a couple of other youth and always looking for more people of course. We left our golden family in Lomas with Elder Goodwin.  They had an appointment with them this last Saturday and they extended a baptismal date and the family accepted!! It`s just a matter of time for them!!

Spiritual experience of the week... probably transfers honestly because in the beginning I was super upset and didn`t wanna go. I wanted to finish the transfer with Elder Goodwin and I tried to convince President to let me stay but then he talked to me for a second and told me that he had received a strong spiritual impression that I needed to be with Elder Doñas to help him and be a good companion to him. He asked me to at least give it a try and now that I`m here with him I feel like President was right on.

This could very possibly be my last area... But then again I thought the same thing about Lomas so I have no idea.  My new area has lots of dirt and back roads. There is only one street that goes through this place and the rest are like dirt back roads.  It’s kind of green and kind of desert like.  I don’t know how to explain it in English.  We are in a smaller ward... like 85 people come on average!

Cooking... Usually the members are pretty good here to help us out actually. Yesterday we had lunch and dinner with members and usually we have like at least lunch or dinner every day here so that`s super nice.  As for laundry there`s someone here that helps us with that too.

I didn’t find the cream of tartar at Walmart.  We ended up kind of giving up...and that`s a good thing because we wouldn`t be able to cook it anymore anyway.

Well from what I`ve seen, this area is pretty safe! I`ve heard that in the night time we have to be a little careful but that`s how it is everywhere here in Guatemala hahaha!

We`re going to go clean the house a little bit then sleep and maybe go play some games with family a little later. Speaking of which... we should probably get outta here.

Until next Monday!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Elder Lott

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